“This place is located inside a nice shopping center around the affluent areas of Laguna Hills. Plenty of parking and plenty of seats inside. Free Wifi is available too. The 5-star average rating here is no fluke. Pengo Drink Station is the real deal!"

– Vincent P.


“This place is amazing !! First time coming and won't be the last. As soon as I came in I was greeted with a smile and everyone had great attitudes.” 

– Raul V

“I like the many drink options here with option of getting the sparkling drinks or teas if you don't want something as necessarily as sweet as a smoothie or milk tea.  Staff was awesome, very friendly and very helpful.” 

– Kelly U. 



Our Story

Customer Raves

We started our journey back in the kitchen of our mom’s house. We had absolutely no idea what we were doing at first. We pretended to be all the flash and dazzle of a great bartender minus the alcohol. Our first batch of drink was horrible. My lips puckered, everything was oddly sour or ridiculously sweet. But, I decided to give it a few more tries. And I found a love and passion I never knew before. We become the mixologists that think drink 24/7 and felt a burning passion for creating inspired flavor combinations. My friends and family absolutely loved the flavors I came up with and soon, an idea sprouted in my head: To open my own drink shop. That’s how this wonderful idea came to be.

25292 McIntyre St Suite RLaguna HillsCalifornia 92653, United States