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A Uniquely Handcrafted Space for All Ages

We’re more than just a drink station—we’re a uniquely handcrafted experience. When you step through our doors, you’ll be welcomed by smiling employees and an upbeat atmosphere. Our extensive menu is filled with lots of handcrafted drinks, so don’t be afraid to ask the cashier any questions you may have! We’re always happy to go over options with you to adapt to any of your dietary requests. While you’re here, feel free to connect to our free WiFi or check out our board game station while you enjoy your beverage. And if you have work to do, take advantage of our free printing.


But don’t forget to capture the moment! Our stores are garnished with charming and colorful decor that makes Pengo a great destination to take photos for your Instagram page. Our family-friendly, student-oriented environment means that you’re welcome to stay for minutes or hours. Either way, our staff is committed to ensuring your experience here at Pengo Drink Station is delightful, dynamic, and delicious!


Bringing Joy to Our Customers

We believe in true customer service. Our menu has dozens of drinks, ranging from traditional boba milk tea to smoothies to dairy-free options and beyond. We want every customer to feel like they’ve found their favorite handcrafted beverage from Pengo. If you’re not satisfied with your order, let our employees know and we will be more than happy to adjust or change to your perfect fit. We’re dedicated to helping you find something you like!


We aim to ensure that every customer has a pleasant experience with quality drinks, service, and environment. We know there’s more to that than just taste. We prioritize eco-friendly resources with reusable bottles and straws, recycling options, and promotions if you bring back your clean glass bottle! Whether you’re stopping by for the first time or the hundredth time, our ultimate purpose is to bring joy to our customers in every sip.

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